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Gold Core International has the ability to assist its Super Sponsors in the following manner.

  • Mutually Beneficial Relationships:
        Gold Core International can assist in building long-term, mutually beneficial                   relationships between our Super Sponsors and their designated charities, NGO's,             SME's and Events.
  • Peace Of Mind:
        Super Sponsors gain peace of mind through strict accountability when it comes to           financial and physical contributions donated to their designated charities, NGO's,             SME's and Event partners.
  • Backend Support:
        Gold Core International will manage and monitor the use of financial support given         to each charity, NGO, SME and Event partner so that our Super Sponsors are                 guaranteed that the financial and physical support they have generously donated,           goes to the growth and successful day-to-day running of the charity, NGO, SME             and Event they have decided to support.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility:
        Increase the CSI status of our Super Sponsors, with their internal and external               stakeholders by incorporating their brand at events, marketing campaigns and               team building activities, as well as through the use of above the line and below the         line marketing platforms.
  • External Stakeholder:
        Gold Core International realises that in today's day and age, consumers are                   becoming more concerned about which brands they associate themselves with due         to how much those organisations give back to their surrounding communities.                 Having that being said, Gold Core International can assist its Super Sponsors in             strengthening its relationships with its external stakeholders and increase the                 loyalty of their current consumers through strategically placed marketing                       efforts.
  • TAX Relief Benefits:
        Although Gold Core International is a third party consultancy, we can also offer our         Super Sponsors TAX Relief through the financial donations they offer some of our           clients and in turn, issue our Super Sponsors with the relevant documentation               needed to confirm proper TAX Relief procedures have been followed.
  • BBBEE Benefits:
        Our organization has the ability to increase our Super Sponsors BBBEE status and           points by strategically partnering them with the right charities and NGO's.
  • Client Servicing Support Structures:
        Gold Core International can also manage and monitor an client service related               activities your organization may need help with when partnering with a NGO, NPO           or Event.
  • Industry Expertise:
        Gold Core International also offers its clients the experience and knowledge                   needed to help establish a charity and or NGO of their own.
  • Marketing Expertise:
        Gold Core International offers additional marketing experience and expertise to its         Super Sponsors.
  • Custom Designed Solutions:
        The customizable services offered by Gold Core International are designed for               those who value action, impact, and results.

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