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Gold Core International has built its business on a foundation of reliability and integrity. Gold Core International has been committed to this standard of excellence since its inception, and we are dedicated to continuous improvement in order to meet that objective.

Because these qualities are integral to Gold Core International's core values, we conduct business according to the highest ethical standards. Executive officers, employees and independent contractors alike are required to act in accordance with the standards and policies described. In addition to being bound by the Business Code of Conduct provisions, Gold Core International has adopted a Code of Ethics specifically for its principal executive officers and senior financial officers or persons performing similar functions.

Should ethical situations arise during course of business, Gold Core International encourages all stakeholders to make decisions consistent with our Business Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics. In addition, should anyone need guidance regarding business conduct, they may file a confidential, and if desired, anonymous report.

Employees and representatives of Gold Core International have an obligation to report any policy violations. Gold Core International's reporting policy and the law specifically forbid retaliation against any person who files a complaint, ensuring that concerns will be addressed without placing employment positions in jeopardy. For further information, contact Gold Core International's Head Office.  
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